Estate Planning and Probate Section
Collin County Bar Association

Welcome to the website of the Estate Planning and Probate Section of the Collin County Bar Association.  We meet once a month for lunch and a 45-minute CLE program.  Anyone with a professional interest in estate planning and probate is welcome to attend.  Members of the Collin County Bar Association may join the section for $15 per year.  

Upcoming Meetings and CLE Topics:

or Ethics Credit

January 10, 2014
Keith Branyon
Independent Administrations Under the New Estates CodeSusan Periquet
EPP, Tax,
0.25 Ethics
February 14, 2014
Rex Hogue
Is Your IRA an IOU to the IRS?
Tresi Weeks

Regular meetings begin at noon, and no RSVP is necessary to attend.

If you would like to receive announcements and updates by email, please contact Dianne Reis at 972-381-8500 or

Meetings are held at:

3420 North Central Expressway
Plano, Texas 75075
(East side of 75, just north of Parker Road)

Board Members:

Kim Young, President
Chris Krupa Downs, President-Elect
Sarah Duff, Secretary
Tresi Weeks, Treasurer
Dan Florence
Christopher Hamm
Cynthia Hurley
Susan Periquet
Jim Shepherd

Click here to download the Section’s Bylaws

Previous CLE Topics:

or Ethics Credit

November 8, 2013
Barkley Miller and Ellen Bennett
Ins and Outs of Attorneys' Fees in the 4 Metropolitan Counties (with an ethics twist)
Beverly Burk
0.25 Ethics
October 11, 2013
Shawna Brown
Planning for Clients with Property/ Family in other Countries: From Selecting Fiduciaries to Using QDOTsTresi Weeks
EPP, Tax
September 13, 2013
Tresi Weeks
Special Needs Trusts: Essentials for Every Estate Planner

PP Slides
EPP, Tax,
Family, Trial, Appellate,
 0.25 Ethics
August 9, 2013
Richard Lewins
Identifying Broker Misconduct With Time Running Out for Arbitration
Chris Downs

June 14, 2013
Mark Prendergrast
Valuing Collectibles and Art for Estate Tax, Insurance, and Charitable Donation Purposes
Kim Young
EPP, Tax
May 10, 2013
Ronnie McClure
Fair v. Equal — Family Dynamics — Dividing An Estate
Kim Young
EPP, Tax, Civil Trial
April 12, 2013
Laurence Martin
Estate Liquidation and the Role of Third Party Appraisers
Christine Downs

EPP, Family, Bankruptcy
February 8, 2013
Kelvin L. Meyers
What The Forensic Genealogist Can Do For You
Beverly Burk

EPP, Family
January 11, 2013
Robert J. Stack
Enter Your Virtual Courthouse!  Finding Your Real Estate and Court Records Online
Beverly Burk
November 9, 2012
Santo Bisignano, Jr.
Stop the Bleeding (How to Repair the ILIT
with a Damaged Crummey Power and Other Ailments)
Janet P. Hope
EPP, Tax
October 12, 2012
Elliott Burdette
Remedies for Attorney-in-Fact Misconduct Arising From General Powers of Attorney
Lori Leu

EPP, Tax
September 14, 2012
Eric Reis
Mr. Koch Goes to Washington
(The Estate and Gift Tax Consequences of Political Giving)
Dianne Reis
EPP, Tax
August 10, 2012
Philip M. Lindquist
Estate Planning in 2013 and the Foreseeable Future
Dianne Reis
EPP, Tax
June 8, 2012
Donald Totusek
POD, TR, ITF, JT TEN, JTWROS, and CPWROS: What You Don't Know Can be Hazardous to Your Client's Estate Plan.
Dianne Reis
Judge Copeland Order
EPP, Tax
May 11, 2012
Kal Grant
Trustee Quandaries: Selected Issues in Trust Design and Administration.
Dianne Reis

EPP, Tax
April 13, 2012
Monica A. Benson
VA and Medicaid: The Right Benefit at the Right Time
Dianne Reis
EPP, Tax, RE,
0.25 Ethics
March 8, 2012
Suzanne Raggio Westerheim
The Essentials of Attorney-Client Fee Agreements
Dianne Reis

0.75 Ethics
February 9, 2012
Shawna L. Brown
Community Property — Review of General Rules
Dianne Reis
EPP, Family
January 12, 2012
Gary V. Post
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Estate Planning for a Divorce
Dianne Reis
EPP, Tax,
November 10, 2011Michael P. Lynn
Legal Lessons Learned: Hill/Hunt Litigation
Janet Hope

October 13, 2011Carla CrapsterLegislative UpdateDianne Reis
EPP, Tax
September 8, 2011Lawrence M. WolfishThe Origin of Life: Who is a Descendant?
Rights of Children Conceived After the Death of a Parent
Jim Shepherdoutline
August 11, 2011Michael BourlandPlanning for the Family BusinessJanet Hopeoutline
Case Studies
EPP, Tax
June 10, 2011Natalie MichalekThe Many Uses of Life Insurance in Estate PlanningBert Starr /
Beverly Burk

EPP, Tax
May 13, 2011P. Keith StaubusWill Contests — What Works?Dianne Reisoutline
game packet
Civil Trial,
EPP, 0.5 ethics
April 8, 2011Lori A. Leu
Dianne Reis
Medicaid Eligibility: What Clients Can Do
When It's Too Late to Make Gifts
Lori A. Leu OutlineEPP,
0.25 ethics
March 11, 2011 Mary Burdette Enforcing Beneficiaries' Rights Dani SmithOutline EPP, Civil Trial


February 11, 2011Robert J. StackThe Latest on Online Records and Paperless FilingsOutline

January 14, 2011Carol Matesic
Brian Watts
Resolving Real and Personal Property Issues in Estates Outline EPP,
Real Estate
November 12, 2010Trey CousinsTax Procedures Outline EPP, Tax
October 8, 2010Bruce CampbellWhat the Proposed Disciplinary Rules Mean For You
0.75 hours of ETHICS credit
Article 1
Article 2
September 10, 2010Eric ReisEstate Planning for Persons with Diminished Life ExpectanciesOutlineEPP, Tax
August 13, 2010Lane McDanielThings A Probate Lawyer Needs to Know About Tracing EPP
June 11, 2010Debbie CoxThe Prudent Investor Standard in Today's Economy EPP,
Civil Trial

May 14, 2010Gregory Sampson, Moderator
William Cobb, Panelist
Coyt Johnston, Panelist
Barkley Miller, Panelist
Probate Ethics Panel
0.75 hours of ETHICS credit
April 9, 2010Sharon R. LukerLong-Term Care Insurance — What's New?
March 12, 2010Mark JohnsonERISA Issues for Survivors, Beneficiaries, & Probate
February 12, 2010Cancelled due to snowstorm
January 8, 2010Melinda H. SimsContested Guardianships
November 13, 2009Kim B. YoungTen Common Pitfalls in the Preparation of an Estate Plan
October 9, 2009Marjorie StephensIntentionally Defective Grantor Trusts
September 11, 2009Shawna BrownEstate Planning for Non-Citizen Spouses
August 14, 2009Dani SmithDependent Administration and Heirship
June 12, 2009Don TotusekDrafting Powers of Attorney that the Banker Will Love (or at Least Honor)
May 8, 2009Toby EisenbergOptimizing GST Exemption Planning on the First Death
April - no CLE meeting
Happy Hour Sponsored by Tolmas Consulting

March 13, 2009Evaleen DavisSupplemental Needs Trusts
February 10, 2009Rex HogueBeating the IRS with FLPs
January 13, 2009
Dave Folz
Rollover IRAs in the New Millennium
November 11, 2008
Chris Mims
Guardianship Nuts and Bolts
September 9, 2008
Kathryn Murphy
Pre- and Post- Nuptial Agreements
July 8, 2008Coyt Randal JohnstonFile Documentation, Retention, and Destruction
(ethics credit)
May 13, 2008
Judge Weldon Copeland
History of Probate Law
March 11, 2008
Evaleen Davis
Creditor Claims in Probate
January 8, 2008
Lane McDaniel
How to Characterize Trust Principal and Income in Probate and Divorce
November 13, 2007
Bob Badali
Settling for More: Life Settlements, An Innovative Wealth & Estate Planning Tool
September 13, 2007
Suzanne Westerheim
Ethical Issues in Dual Representation in Estate Planning
(.75 hours ethics credit)
May 10, 2007
Alan Tolmas
The Puzzle of Gift and Estate Tax Valuations
March 8, 2007
David Folz
Rollover IRAs in the New Millennium
January 11, 2007
David Hollands
An Advisor's Guide to the Impact of Recent Tax Law Changes on Education
Savings Plans
November 16, 2006
Bruce Campbell
Malpractice Traps for Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers
October 26, 2006, 3-5 pm, at the Center for American and International Law
Panelists: Judge Copeland, Judge Windle, Judge DeShazo, Judge Price, and Judge  Loving
Moderators: Greg Sampson, Dianne Reis, and Suzanne Westerheim
A View from the Bench and Ethics in Attorney-Judge Interactions
July 13, 2006 Mitch Milby
Business Succession Planning
May 11, 2006 Don Totusek
Multiple-Party Accounts in Financial Institutions: Special Issues in Estate
Planning and Estate Administration
March 16, 2006
Elizabeth A. Howard
Estate Planning for Pet Owners
January 12, 2006
Philip M. Lindquist
Spendthrift Trusts, Bankruptcy, and Being Your Own Trustee
November 10, 2005 Michael B. Cohen Medicaid Planning - The Laws, They Are A-Changin'
September 8, 2005 Leslie Cummings Legislative Update
July 28, 2005 William Olsen Estate Planning Drafting Tips from a Trust Officer's View Point